I'm all about creating
a better world through
visual content and design

Hello there my name is Hadly Ardila, born in Venezuela and living in Madrid. I have a passion for creating change in the world around me, and I love that design allows me to do so in all respects. I look forward to taking on new challenges, solve problems, and create experiences tha users would love.

I’m a UX/UI designer with years of experience as an industrial-graphic designer and professional photographer. My professional life has always been focused on communicating visually. Starting with graphic design and photography.

Now also through screens, in the world of digital product design and user experience.
The transition from design to UX has allowed me to relate my previous experience in communication with two other aspects that have always interested me, design and business. Working in the world of e-commerce I was struck by the importance of information architecture and the different aspects involved in the success of a digital product, so I decided to delve deeper into it and make the leap to the UX world.

I have developed my career between Venezuela, UK and Madrid, which has given me the opportunity to grow in open and different environments at the same time, discovering the exciting and frenetic world of start-ups and large companies with important projects. I have had the opportunity to surround myself with different people, from different backgrounds and ways of thinking, which have given me all kinds of tools to improve both professionally and personally.

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